Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Getting messy with gluten free baking...

I LOVE letting the kid’s get messy in the kitchen! Some of my best memories of childhood are cooking with my Mum, licking the spoon, mixing, experimenting. With a coeliac child, it becomes even more important to teach them the basics and love of baking.

To be fair, the offering in the supermarkets is getting better – you can get your hands on chocolate muffins, biscuits, even pain au chocolate but boy, does it COST. A duo of cupcakes can set you back nearly £3, so you imagine what our weekly shop could add up to! The selection also becomes a bit boring after a while too, so there is no way around it, you HAVE to get stuck in and bake, bake, bake (okay, it makes us eat far too much of what we shouldn’t but at least we don’t get suffer for it!).
For beginners to gluten free baking, you MUST check out Phil Vickery’s cook books – he is amazing – his flour mixes make the most gorgeous cakes and goodies – his guidance was such a help when I was first diagnosed. If you follow the recipes, you can’t go far wrong. Check these out....

Phil Vickery Seriously Good Gluten Free Baking at amazon

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Evie got stuck into chocolate cupcakes the other day. She always asks if each ingredient if gluten free, bless her. This is why it is so important you let coeliac kids have hands on - over time she will get more and more confident and realise that you can eat pretty much whatever you fancy as long as you make it yourself.... doughnuts and stuffed pasta are next on the list!


If you have any favourite gluten free recipes, leave a comment and share them!

Jill x