Friday, 17 May 2013

Review of the new Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses

I was asked by Walker’s via www.tots100 to review their new Baked Hoops and Crosses. I thought I’d give it go because I don’t know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for fun new snacks which are a healthier option for the kid’s lunch boxes. On paper, these crisps seemed to fit the bill.

Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives and each bag has 85 calories. For us, one of the best things was that the crisps are made from wholegrain corn meal instead of wheat, which means my coeliac 5 year old daughter Evie can get stuck in too! (Please note, the packaging does state the ‘May contain: Wheat, Rye, Barley and Gluten’ warning -  many coeliacs are on the fence about the suitability of products which list this, you must decide based on your circumstances and sensitivity).

Beth and Evie finding the surprise in their secret box!

Walker’s sent us an interesting green shoe sized box through the post – I guessed we had a surprise in there along with the crisps! So, last Sunday, I packed a picnic (and the box!), donned our old painting clothes and spent a lovely morning at our Aunties barn, re-furbishing a second-hand play house. By lunchtime, the kid’s were starving, so we set up camp on the back of our lorry and laid out the lunch. I gave the box to the kids (this is the first time they had seen it) and let them loose!

They found a hard-backed book in the top...

Then a gorgeous toy monkey holding a packet of Roast Beef Hoops and Crosses!

After lots of squealing and cuddling of Monkey (who has since been named Jumpy!), they ripped open the packet.

Jumpy and the girls playing noughts and crosses!

Evie: “Mmmmmmmmm, yummy!”

Beth: “Ohh, these are scrummy Mummy!”

The girls initial reaction after trying one was to play a game of noughts and crosses – they only managed one though before the crisps were divided out!

Then we tried the men (hard worked souls that they are!)

“Very nice!”

Yep, I agree, these crisps are very tasty and I have already have orders to buy them next time I shop. I used to love Monster Munch, but as these contain gluten, I can no longer eat them – these taste very similar so a box has been ticked.

Walker’s Baked Hoops and Crosses come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians - prawn cocktail, roast beef and salt and vinegar. I have yet to try the other flavours but we can all definitely vouch for the roast beef! I will be using them in the kid’s lunchboxes to add a bit of fun (they may creep into mine too!). The packaging is lovely and bright so you won’t miss them on the shelves either.

Jumpy the monkey has since been made to wear and dress, clean his teeth, have a bath, go on the school run and MOST IMPORTANTLY has become Evie’s dream catcher – bless that Jumpy!

Jill x

N.B This review contains our opinions only.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Throw away the gadgets, all my kids want, is to spend time with Mummy and Daddy...

I don’t know about you, but the kids and I get so frustrated with the daily “In a minute” “In a minutes” which seem to happen all the time. It’s just a fact of life, that as a parent, you can’t always be ready on hand to play, answer questions, help with homework etc instantly. Phone calls, cooking tea, housework, shopping, work, the general daily necessities, all mean that being there for your kids every time they want you can be really tricky.

Last week, we went on a family holiday to Center Parcs – it was heaven.
We spent the whole week together.

We cycled, swam, played tennis, did bowling, snooker....
The kids played together, without fighting (for most of the time!)...
They made a den in the woods using branches, leaves and rocks...
We saw deer and fish, fed squirrels and ducks...
We dug holes on the beach...
We played crazy golf...
In short, it was perfect.
I asked Beth what the best part of the holiday was for her. Her answer? Spending time with Mummy and Daddy and doing things together.
Doesn’t that prove a point?
It has taught me that I need to manage my time a little better. I know it will be tough, juggling balls and all that, but life is too short. Maybe a messy house and happy kids is the way to go, fish fingers instead of fish pie every now and then.

It’s all about getting the right balance.
I hope to find it!
Jill x