Monday, 8 April 2013

Being made to feel included...

When I first got diagnosed with coeliac, I found that some everyday things, like being asked out to lunch, became stressful. I was embarrassed to be the difficult one, the one who messes up the menu plan! Let’s face it, unless you are familiar with gluten free cooking, it’s a minefield to overcome. After 18 months of it however, I find it far easier – I am more comfortable about being different, am less bothered by it and find it easier to broach the subject.

Today, the girls and I were asked to lunch at Sonia, Simon, Nico (so cute you could eat him!) and Louis’s house. This time, we were lucky as Sonia is familiar with the gluten free concept (one of Nico’s school friends has coeliac too). She made a feast of roast chicken, home-made savoury rice, cold meats and baked potatoes, delicious! Evie felt one of the crowd as everyone was eating the same. Thank you Sonia for making us feel so welcome!
The girls had made some gluten free cupcakes beforehand which we took for pudding...Beth got creative with sugar-paste and food colouring and made these scrummy delights....

 Hope you get some sleep tonight Sonia!
Jill x

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