Monday, 17 March 2014

Nature's Path - Product Review and Exciting News for Coeliacs!

Gluten free living is a way a life for our family. I, my 6 year old daughter, my brother and my Grandma all have Coeliac disease – planning our daily diet and being completely (and I mean completely!) organised is something we all have to make a conscious effort to do, especially having a gluten free child.

Searching for energy snacks which I can keep in my bag has been an on-going process since Evie’s diagnosis eighteen months ago. Fruit is great but always gets squashed (unless I remember to box it up!) and raisins just don’t cut it on a long, activity focused jaunt in the sun.

So, thank goodness for Nature's Path’s Berry Bobbly and Choco Knobbly Rice Bites! We were sent a box of each recently to taste test as a completely independent party, and I have to say, we loved them...

With the main ingredient being Brown rice flour, they offer a great boost of energy and whilst the dried raspberries and blueberries in the Berry Bobbly bars really set the taste buds tingling! Evie really enjoyed her snack in the sun this weekend and it kept her going until teatime...

I am also REALLY EXCITED to read that Waitrose will be also be stocking three new gluten free offerings: 2 x Nice & Nobbly snacking bars (Trail Mix & Choc Chip) plus Hot & Steamy (3 x flavour porridge multipack) from mid-April...

PLUS!!! The sumptuous Nice & Nobbly granolas that Evie and I both LOVE LOVE LOVE (and used to buy from Tescos until they stopped stocking them – ahhhhhhh!) will now be sold throughout the entire Waitrose estate! I don’t have a Waitrose near me, but trust me, I will be making a special journey to stock up on all these goodies next month!

Nature's Path are a family-run, passionately independent, sustainably-driven, deliciously-healthy organic food company that believes in a "leaving the earth better than we found it” policy. I asked the Head of UK Marketing at Nature's Path what he thought their most important value was...

“Enthusiasm - what you see is what you get - we are a Canadian, independently-owned family business who actively champions an organic way of thinking.”

I also asked if it was possible to replicate a gluten free version of cereals such as Oatibix and Shreddies as this is one of the cereals that I miss the most and he answered:

“Curiously we have a gluten-free style of Shreddies undergoing tests at the mo - it’s not quite right at present and unless it’s stunning we won't waste our supplier’s time (this line is a personal mission of mine).”

Oh yes please! We love personal missions in this house especially if it means breakfast becomes and easier, more varied meal. We are waiting your 2014 and 2015 product launches with much anticipation Nature's Path!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Jill x

If you want to find out more about Nature's Path’s click here

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